Ehud Reiter

Arria NLG, University of Aberdeen



What do words mean in terms of data?

In order to build computer natural language generation systems, we need to know when words can be used to describe data. For example, which RGB values can be described as “blue”, which time-series patterns can be described as “oscillation”, and which clock times can be described as “evening”. I will briefly discuss some of the work we have done and are doing in this area, including analysing parallel data-text corpora to understand the meaning of time phrases, and running controlled experiments with human subjects to explore the meaning of geographic descriptors such as “coastal”.


Ehud Reiter is a Professor of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen, and also Chief Scientist of Arria NLG PLC. He specialises in Natural Language Generation, where he has published over 100 papers in conferences and journals, as well as the book Building Natural Language Generation Systems; he also has several patents in NLG.