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Friday 15th January 2016
12:00 Visit to Arria (by invitation only)
12:45 Registration and Poster setup
13:20 Welcome
Session A Chair: Johanna Moore
13:30 Frank Keller (University of Edinburgh): Incrementally Predicting Syntax and Semantics
14:00 Michael White (Ohio State University): Dependency Locality in Natural Language Generation
14:30 Vera Demberg (Saarland University): Prediction and integration during discourse processing
15:00 Falk Huettig (MPI, Nijmegen): Is prediction necessary to understand language?
15:30 Simon Garrod (University of Glasgow) & Martin Pickering (University of Edinburgh): Dialogue mechanisms for mutual understanding
16:00 Discussion
16:15 Coffee
Session B Chair: Ellen Bard
16:45 Alice Turk (University of Edinburgh): The smooth signal redundancy hypothesis and prosodic structure
17:15 Florian Jaeger (University of Rochester): The adaptive speaker: Dynamic millisecond adjustments to speech as a function of communicative goals?
17:45 Agnieszka Konopka (University of Aberdeen): Examining the time-course of planning referential expressions
18:15 Vera Kempe (Abertay University): Interaction between affective states and referential communication strategies or how interlocutors can talk themselves out of a bad mood
18:45 Discussion (until 19:00)
20:00 Conference Dinner (invited speakers only)
Saturday 16th January 2016
Posters will be available all day
Session C Chair: Ellen Bard
09:15 Silvia Gennari (University of York): Linking brain and behaviour: Similarity-based competition in production and comprehension
09:45 Christian Brodbeck, (New York University): Unpacking the neural basis of reference resolution: MEG and EEG evidence
10:15 Olaf Hauk (MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge): Finding meaning in the brain
10:45 Discussion
11:00 Coffee
Session D Chair: Kees van Deemter
11:15 Roger van Gompel (University of Dundee): PRO: A Probabilistic model of Referential Overspecification
11:45 Albert Gatt, (University of Malta): Reference and visual search: Some parallels, some diversions, some future directions
12:15 Judith Degen (Stanford University): Over "overinformativeness": rational redundant referring expressions
12:45 Ehud Reiter (University of Aberdeen): What do words mean in terms of data?
13:15 Discussion
13:30 Lunch & Poster session (click to view abstracts)
Session E Project Ideas Workshop
15:00 "Where do future research projects go from here?": participants will divide into groups, each of which will be asked to outline one or two possible new research proposals, which will then be presented to all participants. Projects can be psychological, computational, and/or linguistic, and they could focus on any research question relating to this round-table event.
16:15 Coffee
16:30 Presentation of proposals and group summary.
17:30 Closing session